stringa 2023 products

Founded in 2013, Italian Steel Art specializes in the craft and build of exclusive, hand-made, home design pieces. Unique and attractive to the eye, these works are treated exclusively by our in-house craftsman, incorporating our core qualities – knowledge and passion, within each of our products. Our upcycle concept embraces various “street” objects to be refurbished, redefined and improved with new and creative functions. The finishes for our steel art pieces are covered with particular custom imaging, either painted or wrapped with an 8K resolution display, allowing for one-of-a-kind possibilities. The 2023 USA collection is currently stored in Winwood -MIA ready to be exposed to interested  American Partners,

Alec Monopoly Style Purposes

Adopting the current technologies available, we are able to build bespoke graphics on our products. According with the Artist we can manage selected images to be perfectly adapted on any model. Then is enough add the Artist Signature to be ready to sell.  Is also possible to get products just painted in selected colors and then the Artist can paint as a white canvas.

Vintage Fiat 500 SoundWall

VW Bus SoundFloor

Mini Cabinet

VW Bus SoundWall

VW Bus TailWall

VW Bus T2 SoundFloor  -DJ Set

Exclusive Design Available