pulsante contatti

Meet the team

Francesco Salvatori

Francesco Salvatori – Over 20 years of experience in the luxury automobile field, the man in charge of the finishing touches has a keen eye for detail and a knack for sourcing spare and rare parts.

Emanuele Berna Berionni

Emanuele Berna Berionni – With 15 years of experience, our painter can make any custom paint dream come true.

Nando Berna Berionni

Nando Berna Berionni – Over 40 years spent in luxury car refurbishment, our master metal molder is a true artist when it comes to beating the plates.

Stefano Tunesi

Stefano Tunesi – A top car restorer, refinsiher, and professional painter with 40 years of experience face-to-face with steel.

Piero Protti

The mastermind behind Italian Steel Art as head designer and over 35 years spent in the worldwide exotic vehicles market and tuning.

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