Meet the team

Piero Protti

The mastermind behind Italian Steel Art as head designer and over 35 years spent in the worldwide exotic vehicles market and tuning.


Italian Steel Art  Products & Creations are proudly  built handmade by skilled hands and best tech, provided  by Giliberti Metalli Lab since 1952.

Our Products finishes are handmade by Iwrap Co. Rome, a leading Company in Wrapping and Graphics images, printed in 8k resolution providing a white gloves service quality.

This Company built our 3D Products with the best and updated 3D technologies and materials, the quality of our products is the result of the sheer amount of time spent on translating drafts it into high tech reality.

The place where every Porsche feels at home !

A continued family traditon since the 50’s, professional body works , fantastic finishes and creative constructions.

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