Enjoy Our Retromod Cars

Following the creation of Exclusive Design Home Complements and Customized Motorcycle we proudly started to built two retro styled Porsche named RetroMod. We built a Spider and a Coupe model (currently under construction). The Spider is based on 986 Porsche  Boxster S, the Coupe is based on 996 Porsche  Coupe. Both models, ending their redesign and reshape facelifts are finally  developing  intense  Porsche  Old School Emotion. The RetroMod models made by Italian Steel Art offer Passion, Study, Competence, Top Quality at Affordable Costs. Piero Protti has conceived the models, bearing in mind the desire to offer exclusive cars, with top Italian craft not too expensive and Unique works, in practice the Boxster Conversion costs less than a fiberglass Porsche 356 Replica.  The same concept has been applied to the (under construction) conversion of the Porsche 996 Coupe Retromod which in practice becomes very similar to a 1973 Porsche 2.7 RS, the timeless request of the Porsche 911 first series and the orientation towards Styling and Vintage details   created a Porsche universe that has grown “Porsche Atelier” in various countries, each one has in his own way declined the legendary Porsche 911 first series by offering it at prices between 350,000 and 600,000 Euros!  The Italian Steel Art Porsche 996 Coupe Conversion is starting at € 55.000, a fraction if compared with !!


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