Porsche 911 – 964 – 993  1974 RSR Tribute

The conversion of the Porsche 911-912-964-993 is also conceived considering an overall weight loss, the Porsche RSR Tribute are lightened in the interior and exterior. In the petrol version the engine, softwares and exhausts are updated or replaced by adding HP 60 to the original configuration. The suspension is slightly lowered and calibrated for sporty or classic driving even on the track. Increased power, sporty set-up and weight loss guarantee thrilling performances. Like our other conversions, many details and internal and external parts are at the discretion of the customer. The conversion time is 6-8 months. We do not sell separate parts or kits, our cars are hand assembled by us on the cars.

Porsche 911 RSR 1974 electric porsche gas and electric