Porsche 996 RetroMod

We started with the idea to built a cool Porsche 911 Old School staying far away from the current  Half Million Euros Porsche 911 Mk1  Copy & Paster  builder around the world.  We bet on us and we started to reimagine our Exclusive Design and completely rebuilted  911 RetroMod  based on Porsche 996 Coupe.  The Porsche 996 RetroMod reveal the sublime beauty of the 60’s Porsche 911 while driving an updated vehicle providing 320HP  that could  even be  4 wheel drive..The construction of the vehicle includes lots of 60’s 911 body parts,  we proudly provide a lot of handmade parts and the sheer amount of time spent on translating it into reality, skilled hands make possible this conversion, RetroMod models made by Italian Steel Art offer Passion, Study, Competence, Top Quality Parts.  everything is handmade in steel with passionate steps to provide the maximum of beauty and quality. Our perfection obsession is applied in any process of the construction.   We expect every RetroMod  represent and reflect our skills, trying to provide the unique tastes and perspectives of its owner. The 996 Retromod is available also Cabrio and Targa, we can collect your 996 Europewide and deliver to U converted in 90-120 days, don’t esitate to contact us: Mobile 0039 335 412 081  Email: italiansteelart@gmail.com

Silver 996 RetroMod
996 retromod side right BANNER YY
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996 retromod side right BANNER YP
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911 Badass
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