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300sl-slk5 conversion

Donor: Mercedes Benz SLK 320  V6 or 55 AMG V8 – Handmade  1959 Mercedes Benz 300SL  Gullwing   Body Shell

Mercedes 300 gullwing body shell tail2
Mercedes 300 gullwing body shell rear
Mercedes Benz 300 gullwing shell
Mercedes Benz 300SL-Body-SLK55
Mercedes-Benz-300-SL-engine V8
Mercedes 300 sl gullwing built 2
Mercedes 300SL-SLK Body-6

The 300 SL Gullwing is completely faithful to the original on the outside but under the body the car is thoroughly modern.Instead of the original’s 215hp (160kW) 3.0L straight six, we decided to go with a Mercedes Benz 5.5L V8 with 405hp (302kW) on tap and matched to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Other modern touches include a custom chassis and suspension set-up, performance disc brakes with ABS, air-conditioning, and a retro-styled Becker Mexico stereo with bluetooth. Branded Frau Primo Fiore custom leather complete the interior.

Mercedes Benz 300SL-SLK black banner
Mercedes Benz 300SL-SLK black tail
Mercedes Benz 300SL-SLK base 2

W463 – 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Landaulet Softail

MERCEDES-BENZ-G Landaulet silver

Mercedes Benz G Class Short Wheel Base 2020 Conversion

G Class compare 3

2020 G Class Conversion

G Class compare 1

2020 G Class Conversion

G Class compare 2
2019 G Class Cabrio

Redefined City Classics – Electric Powered

Mini Minior electric banner

Old Mini Restyling – Electric Powered

356 redefined

Porsche RUMBLE BEE                   Donor: Porsche Cayman

Porsche Futuremod front
Porsche Futuremod tail

2021 Porsche FutureMod  Donor: 1995 Porsche 993 Turbo

Porsche FutureMod front (2)
Porsche FutureMod rea side
Porsche FutureMod Back
Porsche FutureMod Backside

1996 Porsche 993  -1973 Porsche  RSR Tribute Conversion

Porsche 911 RSR 2.8 Wallpaper 1973 5
Porsche 993- RSR 2.8 Wallpaper 1973
Porsche 993 1972 RSR Tribute banner 2b
Porsche 993 RSR Tribute comparison3
Porsche 993 RSR Tribute comparisonh
Porsche 993 RSR Tribute comparisonk

Porsche 993 Details

Porsche-993-RetroMod tagged tail

Porsche 987 RetroMod

987 retromod before after front A
987 retromod before after rear A

Porsche 964 Nexter 2022

Porsche 964 Nexter 2022 a

Custom Wraps

Lambo wrap italiansteelart
Lambo green wrap
Porsche 991 GT3 RS wrap
Porsche Cayman wrapped
Porsche wrapped tail