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  Following our Exclusive Home Design Items and Custom Bikes we started with the RetroMod Project, our goal was : Redefine Forms pushing those vehicles  into the  60’s and 70’s.  so we proudly provide the sheer amount of time spent on translating it into reality. Our first Project: Porsche 986 Boxster S that we converted in & out into a classic 50/60’s Porsche.The same concept has been applied to the Porsche 996  and 964 Retromod  Conversion of which in practice becomes  a 1973 Porsche 911  S.

The Mini Retromod Conversion is on two stages , our exclusive desing body conversion and the electric power conversion eliminating the engine etc, becaming full electric, kw 28, from 0-100km/h 4,0 secs, top speed 120km/h, battery range km 120, recharge time- 4 hours at home, 1 hour fast charge.The electric conversion price is € 15.000, the full body conversion price is € 12.000. The electric conversion price is about the same for, Fiat 500 (1962-1977), Fiat 500 Giardiniera, Fiat Topolino, and more.

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Porsche 996 retromod cabrio front
Mini Minor Italiansteelar front12 elect

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Mini T Lifted Electric
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Mini Minor Italiansteelar front12 elect