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For those wanting to embrace modern technology in a unique style

Body & Electric Conversions

Retro – Electric – Exclusive Creations

We started in the early 80’s to customize sport cars, off roads and american motorcycles in Rome. Over the years we customized many  vehicles,  in the last years we started our project named RetroMod, our goals: Redefine Forms pushing  vehicles  into  classics and  convert to electric powered some vintage and cool vehicles. We proudly provided the sheer amount of time spent on translating  any project into reality. Our passion provide a severe search for details, materials, colors and special or handmade parts.  We convert many kinds of vehicles.

Mini Minior electric banner

2024 Electric City Vehicles Concept Store

Mini Minor Italiansteelar front12 elect
Porsche 356 Speedster electric
Mini T Lifted Electric
porsche 911 electric side banner
porsche 911 electric project

Porsche 356 –  Electric Conversion

Porsche 356 Speedster electric
Porsche 356 Speedster electric 2 tail

Range: 220 kms on standard battery pack 320 kms on additional battery packs (optional upgrade)    Acceleration: 0 to 100 km/h  in 4.9 sec  Top Speed: 180km/h  Weight: 900 kilos

Porsche 356 electric conversion 2
Porsche 356 electric conversion 3
Porsche 356 electric conversion 4
Porsche 356 -electric-vehicle-1

Electric City Cars Conversions

fiat500_retromod giardiniera
fiat 500 giardiniera banner
Mini Minor Italiansteelar front15 elect
996 retromod cabrio
porsche electric sportbac
911 Badass
Icon Rough4 porsche