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The Porsche Boxster Retromod is really an eye catching, her new redefined lines bring to the fantastic early 60’s forms, our Retro concept  philosophy is behind the build,  we proudly provide the sheer amount of time spent on translating it into reality. RetroMod models made by Italian Steel Art offer Passion, Study, Competence, Top Quality Parts.  Piero Protti has conceived the project bearing in mind the desire to offer Exclusive Design  assembled by  Italian Senior Craftsmen Team. Skilled hands are used for making long time adjustments, trimming , cutting, sewing for a large number parts, it’s particularly visible to everybody the level of intervention, we kept gentle respecting the basic forms, despite this,  the Porsche Boxster RetroMod Full Conversion needs around 800 hours of labour and include over 50 details modifications in the body, the interior include 20 .Our experience to your service, ride your handmade  bespoke vehicle…  You deserve it!  Call 39 335 412 081(italy)  email:     We manage shipping worldwide, send us your Boxster, we.ll send U back Retromod within 90 days.

Porsche Boxster RetroMod Front closed top
porsche-boxster-retromod riding
Porsche_Boxster_RetroMod_interior long
Porsche_Boxster_RetroMod_front left
porsche- boxster retromod front right
Porsche Boxster Retromod air systen
porsche 964 retromod button
996 retromod cabrio
911 Badass
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