Porsche Rough 4

Porsche 911 lifted Safari are been realized since 70’s offroad races. These 911 are rear wheel drive and a safari version with four-wheel drive had never been built. This has been our goal during the project definitions, to built a real lifted 4X4 in ROUGH Style! To lift our Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Conversion we spent months in touch with Elephant Racing USA to develop together a specific complete set of parts to allow the body to be lifted over 16cm! Customized Outlaw wheels are installed, now the 4 tires are the same size, its redefined forms immediately lead to the competition period of the seventies. A particular attention was dedicated to  details and interior upholstery materials of that period  such as the Pascha design velour two tones. The goblet-shaped steering wheel allows for a more sporty arm position. Italian Steel Art offer exclusivity, competence, study and passion with passionate steps to provide owners with maximum of beauty & quality. Our perfection obsession is applied in any process of the construction. We expect any Conversion represent and reflect our skills directly connected with tastes and perspectives of its owner.

The world of Porsche Carrera Aircooled as well as in the field of collecting is also appreciated for its conversions in Restomod, Retromod etc; the Safari versions also have a chapter, which are set up for Offroad Racing. Up to now, the Safari (lifted) versions have always been built on two-wheel drive versions.The Italian Steel Art team, wanting to create a lifted 4-wheel drive Carrera, has interacted with an US company specialized in Porsche assets which after months has created expressly a complete Offroad kit for the Porsche Carrera 4. The new suspension system has raised the car body by about 18 cm and has an excursion of 16cm; to complete off-road handling the rims have been designed with specific offsets recalculated to fit 4 tires of the same size, this makes the Rough4 a car that moves easily on any surface. The Rough4 project conceived by Piero Protti includes many modifications, the metal fender extensions have been applied with rivets and shaped to hide the gap created by lifting, a very powerful winch is installed in the front bumper and solid steel emergency hooks have been mounted . On the inevitable quartet of Rally headlights, the original headlights have been completely redesigned and now are equipped with a BiLed intelligent Matrix lighting system. The back  now has the legendary 1973 2.7RS Duck Tail hood and a roaring exhaust. The Italian Steel Art Team maniacally carried out every conversion process by adapting and reshaping the mudguards and bumpers, reinforcing the suspension plate attachments and installing a three-point roll bar. The interior of the Rough4 has been upholstered with Pascha Optical velvet which is a Porsche fabric since  1970s, the audio system has been completely removed with the addition of a guilloché steel plate on which two removable chronometers are applied, the steering wheel is now a goblet. covered in reversed leather. The mechanics have not undergone any changes, the engine software has been updated with + 30 HP together with an high-performance air filter and a new exhaust system that bring the power of Rough4 to 300HP. The driving of the Porsche Rough4 is comfortable with a direct and soft cornering entry at the same time, on slippery or snowy ground you can feel the characteristic configuration of the Offroad cars, the rear with the carriageways widened by a sense of safety making you want to do it drift.

porsche rough 4 interior

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