We introduce a Full Electric High Performance replica of a real track-themed road-legal race car..Porsche 906 Carrera 6 that was produced in low numbers, with 50 cars required to meet homologation requirements. Launched in 1966 to meet Group 4 FIA sports car classification initially for that year alone, Ken Miles claimed class wins at both the Las Vegas Stardust and Laguna Seca USRRC events, the 906 remaining competitive until 1969. Unlike earlier Porsche race-cars the 906s the result of countless hours of wind tunnel testing, the process paying off with a top speed of 170 mph from a mid mounted 2 liter flat six arrangement with an all-up curb weight of 1,280 lbs.The car weighed just 1,280 lbs by the use of a steel tubular space-frame type chassis and the body made of fiberglass. In order to facilitate access to the driver’s cockpit, the body of the “906” has openings that include a large portion of the mid top, almost giving the impression that the rear window is contained by a simple roll-bar. Because of this similarity and in honor of the victory achieved in the prestigious Targa Florio, the uncovered versions of the Porsche 911 and Porsche 912 models were called “Targa”, thus creating the neologism that came into common use to define cars of that type. The Porsche 906  was equipped with a 1991 cc air-cooled six-cylinders boxer engine that developed 220 hp. It was capable of reaching 175 MPH. It was also produced in an enhanced version, equipped with a 270hp 8-cylinder boxer engine, used exclusively by the Porsche factory team.

Our Porsche EV906 high performance electric replica is built matching exactly with the factory one,  down to the smallest details,  the shaped tubular frame and fiberglass bodywork are built handmade by an over 50 year company  specialized in racing cars. Any vehicle is built exclusively with original Porsche specific parts: braking system, suspensions, seats, instruments, rims etc). The installation of a complete Tesla S system that delivers 550 hp makes the electric version more performing than the 1966 original version with gasoline engine and also the driveability is improved because of the battery pack installed in the front end that balances front and rear weight. Porsche introduced their Type 906 for 1966, soon to be known as the Carrera 6. It had a mid-mounted engine, which was placed ahead of the rear transaxle. It was constructed on a tubular steel space frame that had a 90.6-inch wheelbase, a rear track of 55.2 inches and a front track of 52.7 inches. The suspension was fully independent, with wishbones and coil springs at all four corners. The car rode on 15-inch steel and alloy disc wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, and a ZF rack-and-pinion steering. Experimental Department head Ferdinand Piech, Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson, had wanted to use 13-inch diameter Formula One wheels to lower the vehicle’s profile. These larger wheels were used on the 906, giving the car its steeply arched front fenders.The chassis was clothed in a new fiberglass body shell with top-hinged, gullwing-type doors. They also had a distinctive louvered and yellow-tinted clear plastic engine cover. Atop of the nose was a large air intake for the oil cooler, and split air intakes could be found ahead of the rear wheels. The EV906 Replica High Performance construction match exactly any specification of the genuine.

The Porsche 906 replica High Performance Full Electric is powered by a complete Tesla S drive unit that  will run up to 400 Volts and 400 kW. This conversion includes the Tesla motor, inverter, gear box, and control unit (EV Controls), throttle pedal, throttle pedal plug and pins, brake switch, brake switch plug and pins, encoder plug and pins, inverter plug and pins, axle clips, 2 axles, pre-charge relay, and pre-charge resistor.  Specifications: Max Current: Up to 1000 Amps – Rated Power: Up to 400kW – Input Voltage: 275-400 Volts – Length: 25 Inch – Width: 34 Inch – Height: 12 Inch – Axle Width: 35 Inch – Weight: 295 Lbs – Precharge Circuit: Built In – Warranty Period: 1 Year

Our EV Porsche 906 Replica High Performance is assembled in USA and is available only for USA and Canada. The waiting time is 12/14 months, the manufacture of the frame and the shell in fiberglass, like every detail is handcrafted and carefully therefore the construction takes on average a year for delivery to the customer.  For any further informations contact us.

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