Porsche 996 Coupe RetroMod

The Porsche 996 Coupe  RetroMod Conversion is an hard project. Redefine  a 996 body to a Backdated Mk1 Carrera, this was the goal.  We redefined and rebuilt many steel parts, remodeling and installing every detail of the 911 Mk1 on the 996 with absolute perfection. We proudly redefine a lot of handmade parts and the sheer amount of the time spent on translating it into reality. Skilled hands make this possible. The 996 tail is redefined by modeling the original components by hand. The 996 RetroMod Conversion  can be even be 4 wheel drive. Everything is HandMade in steel by our  passionate steps to provide the maximum of quality & beauty. Our perfection obsession is applied in any process of the construction. We expect any 996 RetroMod represent and reflect our skills to share the unique tastes and perspectives to his owner. The Porsche 996 Conversion is offered on 2 Stage, Stage1 include the whole Outside Body Conversion as shown the images.  The Stage2 include the interior conversion changing Seats, door panels, part of the cockpit and a lot more details.   We can manage  the collection of your Porsche throughout Europe to Rome and then return it to your address after 3/5 months completely transformed!  DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US:  Whatsapp  +39 335 412 081  EMAIL: italiansteelart@gmail.com

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